Thursday, 2 June 2016

Our reflection of exhibition and our action plans

Kaitlyn: My  action plan was to stand up for cyber bullying when we witness it,  and I think I have achieved it I think, because when I was playing a game, and someone was bullying someone, I told them to stop it, because no one likes being bullied, and it just made them feel bad about themselves.
At the start, I thought that cyberbullying was just being mean, and saying bad words to someone over and over again, but now there are different types, and now I know how to help yourself.

Maurice:At the start I thought that cyberbullying is just being mean online, however, now that our research clarified the definition of cyberbullying, I properly know the definition of cyberbullying and what it is and what it isn’t. The action that I took was standing up to cyberbullying whenever I see it and sometimes checking my sibling’s computers to see if the are doing the right thing.

Dylan: My action is to stand up to cyberbullies. I think I have achieved it as I was playing games someone was calling another player names like a noob, ugly etc over and over again. So what I did was I stood up to the cyber bully and told him to stop it and said it wasn’t nice. Then he was being mean to me and I reported him as he was doing something wrong. 

At the start of this unit I was overconfident and wanted to do everything by myself but now I let others have airtime's and not just let myself do everything.

Maya: My action is to talk in assemblies and when I see someone get cyber I will comfort them and give them advice that we gave you and if we see people cyberbullies then we will stop

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to make your blog better

  1. Include at least one picture. Make it entertaining! Unsurprisingly, readers tend to stay more focused to topics with a lot of images and text features. This is not only for blogs, but also for other genres like non-fiction, persuasive/opinion, etc.
  2. Spread an idea - Make sure that the reader actually takes something away. However, don’t take my word for it. You should include just one idea. Don’t make it complex. Think about your audience. Is it really worth sharing? If not, you probably shouldn’t do it.
  3. Read your comments - See what other people say! They might have some tips for your next blog. They might also say that you did something well or they liked one part of your blog.
  4. Variety is important! Try a lot of different styles, such as vlogs, how to, persuasive, etc. If you try a variety, you make your blog a lot more entertaining.
  5. Organization - Last but not least, being organized! Try adding labels to your posts so that every post falls into a certain category. Try adding a theme that is relevant to your topic, e.g., mine is cyberbullying, so I chose a digital-like theme.

Now that you’ve learnt this, go edit your post and make it an amazing one that everyone wants to see!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Some Useful Things

What things I found useful during Exhibition was Grammarly.  It can help you by checking your text and punctuation. Some other things that were useful in our learning of Exhibition are some websites like this site. This website was helpful because I broke up my question and one of those questions were how is the Singapore government trying to prevent cyberbullying.

Other websites that were useful was safe search engines like Kidrex for example. Some more is like Adblock. Adblock is an extension that is helpful by getting rid of an ad or even a thousand ads! Some other things that helped me were note everywhere it is an application where you can write anywhere.

Some other things I found useful was interviews. We interviewed several people like Ms.Crew, Mr.Wilcox, and even Ms.Beasley! Some more things I found useful were surveys we sent out two surveys one for the teachers from Grade 5 and 4 and one more survey for the students in Grade 5 and 4.

In conclusion, there are many things that are useful that can help.