Tuesday, 26 April 2016

5 Things To Make Searching On The Internet Easier

Finding good meaty information on the internet can be tricky as ads, other random facts, and things that are unnecessary to what you are seeking. So, here are 5 Things To Make Searching On The Internet Easier.

5. Get Adblock
I know this might be something you do but getting ad block is an excellent way to get rid of some ads. Adblock used to be better but at least you can get rid of some of those unneeded ads.

4. Clearly Extension
Clearly is an extension which lets you read the text and gets rid of adverts. Clearly is great as there might be some ads which aren't appropriate, and they are distracting when you are reading.

3. Check When The Text Was Written
Not checking the date can make the work you are reading false. Some articles may even last up to seven years, therefore having a chance that the topic may have changed.

2. Search Engines
Using different search engines can make finding facts easier. If you are looking for kid-friendly information, Kidrex is a great search engine to use as it gives an easier text to read. Kidrex also provides kid-friendly facts and nothing explicit.

1. Advanced Search
Advanced search is a thing on Google where you can:

  • Change which region you want the facts to come from
  • Find sites with specific words
  • The last time the site was updated 
  • Usage rights


  1. Hi Dylan,
    I think this is a very useful post for anyone who is finding it hard to research on the internet. I often find the ads distracting so this is very useful.


  2. Hi Dylan, This post is an excellent source for finding searching tips on the internet. Some ads are inappropriate or repetitive so this is great help.

  3. I like this post because it gives helpful tips, with images to support it, and is detailed, so we know how to get it.