Thursday, 21 April 2016

Learning from the Experts (SAIS & G6)

Today, we went to SAIS (Stamford American International School) and viewed the G5’s Exhibition. Here are some things that I learnt:
  • Most classes/groups use data as evidence
  • They ask lots of questions, and always has a key point
  • They also use actual objects, e.g., dolls, models, etc.

We learnt some valuable information and used that information in our exhibition. Some groups don’t work together that well and argued. However, we work together quite well and that is good.

G6 came to our class and taught us some solutions to things, such as remembering when the deadline is. They also said that we should be responsible and organised. G6 also answered some questions that we asked. We used the information and used it in our Exhibition. We also learnt that we should work together well, or else you won’t achieve your goals.

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  1. Hey Chung16237
    My name is Josh
    It sounds like you have learn't a lot from the grade 5's and I think you had a lot of fun in SAIS because it sounds like you did
    Hope your research is going well