Thursday, 21 April 2016

Learning From The Experts

Today was a day where we learn from the experts. At the start of the day we learnt from previous grade fives and they tell us tips and what they learnt from their Grade 5. I enjoyed this talk as they would give us advice for Exhibition and how to make it better and more enjoyable. A piece of advice which I took away was that we need to always work together and not go running off into doing what we want to do. Another expert we learnt from Stamford American International school’s Exhibition. We went to visit them and see what they did for their Exhibition and to see what attracted people and got people intrigued about their exhibit. A group studying Stress relief put a lemongrass scent on the table where they were doing their exhibition which made me relaxed and made me want to find out more about stress relief. Another group didn’t collaborate well so they were disorganised. So what I took away from this experience is that to be organised be prepared and always get things up and running early and not last minute as things can go wrong.

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