Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How we are working towards our Skills and Qualities
By Kaitlyn

Skills and qualities are very important, as they make your group successful. 
A skill that we are all mostly showing, is collaborative, we are all listening to each others ideas, and valuing each others ideas.
A Skill that we could work on is critical thinker: Identifying and discussing different perspectives, I don't think we do this, because we forget sometimes, and don't really make the effort to do it.

A quality, that we are showing is, being fair when making decisions, (Principled) because when we are choosing for people to do something, we thnk about who did what the time before, etc.
A quality we could work on, is seeking help when we need it, because sometimes, we just keep things to ourselves, and try to do it by ourselves.


  1. Dear C,S

    If you want to reach your goal I think you should come up with some strategies or ways to succeed in it. I also like that you are honest and your group listens and collaborates.


  2. Great summary Kaitlyn. It is great how you are connecting your experiences to the skills and qualities.