Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Me and my group in Exhibition

I think that I am learning a lot of new things as I take notes, read text and search websites. I work together with my group to accomplish things, but we sometimes take on as separate role and synthesise/put together what we found. Sometimes that is challenging, since some people may forget. Therefore, we each have to be responsible, otherwise we may fall apart.

My group collaborates quite well, since when we work together, we get things done more effectively. However there is room for improvement since some people can get distracted. Some members might also give people less “air-time”. Something we are good at is including everyone’s ideas, even though some people may talk more than others.


  1. Hi chung16237
    I agree that you can learn more if you take notes and not only work by your own but collaborate I think our group collaborates well too and we might want to give certain people more air time.

  2. Thanks for the clear summary sharing how your group is working. It sounds like there are many great things happening and as with every group, some areas to improve in. Keep up the good work.