Monday, 9 May 2016

My question, is, does cyber bullying happen in our school?
Some things that I have done to answer, or work toward this question, is that we sent a survey, to the students, in grade 5, and 4, we didn't send it to the grades below grade 4, because they might not know what cyberbullying is, and some of the questions in the survey are required. Some pose questions for this I think, are have you cyberbullied, and have you been cyberbullied.
We also sent another survey, to the teachers, because they might know more, as the students can come and talk to them, however, if they saw the survey they might be too embarrassed to admit it, whereas I think that teachers might be more honest.
Thinking about Miso, (Media, Interview, Survey, Observation) I think that the two that I can use most to my advantage, is interview and survey, because, media you can't find any cyber bullying on the web, in specifically our school, when there are a lot more other schools in the world. Observation might not be very useful, because other than yourself, cyberbullying doesn't happen often, and like I said before, if you don't get cyber bullied, observation has not purpose.

Overall, I think that students in our school have cyber bullied, and also been bullied, but there might be more that experienced it, than did it.


  1. I like how you have explain your reasons for making particular decisions during your research Kaitlyn. During the research phase, these decisions really make an impact on the kind of information we gather.

  2. I think that instead of only surveying grade 4 & 5 your group should also survey middle school and high school since from grade 6 and onwards you get your own MacBook and you get to bring it home.

  3. I like how you asked a range of people of what they think