Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Some Useful Things

What things I found useful during Exhibition was Grammarly.  It can help you by checking your text and punctuation. Some other things that were useful in our learning of Exhibition are some websites like this site. This website was helpful because I broke up my question and one of those questions were how is the Singapore government trying to prevent cyberbullying.

Other websites that were useful was safe search engines like Kidrex for example. Some more is like Adblock. Adblock is an extension that is helpful by getting rid of an ad or even a thousand ads! Some other things that helped me were note everywhere it is an application where you can write anywhere.

Some other things I found useful was interviews. We interviewed several people like Ms.Crew, Mr.Wilcox, and even Ms.Beasley! Some more things I found useful were surveys we sent out two surveys one for the teachers from Grade 5 and 4 and one more survey for the students in Grade 5 and 4.

In conclusion, there are many things that are useful that can help.


  1. Dear Maya,
    I appreciate how you told us honestly on your post. However, I think that you should add a picture and labels. Maybe you could also try extending your conclusion.

    Many Thanks,

  2. Thanks for sharing some of the resources you found useful when inquiring into your issue. The hyperlinks make it easy for me to see exactly what you are talking about. It is great to see that you have varied your resources and included primary sources (interviews) and secondary sources (internet articles).

  3. I'm very glad the interviews were useful to you. I loved having a chance to talk about something I am passionate about with you :)

    Would you consider adding hyperlinks to the Chrome Extensions Note Everywhere and Adblock? I think many of your readers would like to try them, and it would make it easier if the links were there ready for them.