Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tips To Organise your work

Our group has had a very disorganised week so notes, research and many other things went missing so our group created ways to have an organised environment to store our learning

1. Make a Table
Tables are a great way to store your thinking as you can keep them in columns and rows putting titles and subtitles which make organising a ton easier.

2. Keep notes in a special place
keeping notes in a special place makes it easier to find your notes our group has made notes but some have disappeared and we lost them. Keeping them in like a folder or a little pouch makes things easier when summarising everything

3. Folders
When on a google drive consider keeping things in a folder as it makes thing easier to find. For example putting reading things in a folder and putting exhibition things in another folder makes documents, research and presentations easier to find

4. Set each group member there individual task.
Setting group members individual tasks makes everyone doing something for example if everyone does the same thing you won't get much done as people will probably pick up the same information.

5. Be organised
After reading all these tips just be organised. whether it's with work or your desk. keeping a neet and tidy table makes things easier to find. keeping your bag neat makes finding things easier without taking everything out and making a mess.


  1. Dylan, these tips sound very, helpful, and I am going too also try and influence this to my group. If this helped you, than I think it will help me.

  2. Thanks Dylan for a very thoughtful post that provides useful tips to anyone who is working on a group project. It is great to see how you are learning from the things that have challenged you.

  3. Dylan,

    I'm from ACS and we just did exhibition.
    Those tips look very helpful, in my personal experience we used most of those, however we didn't use a table, I think that it's a very interesting idea that should be used, If I could go back in time I would definitely use a table.
    Good luck with your exhibition,