Thursday, 2 June 2016

Our reflection of exhibition and our action plans

Kaitlyn: My  action plan was to stand up for cyber bullying when we witness it,  and I think I have achieved it I think, because when I was playing a game, and someone was bullying someone, I told them to stop it, because no one likes being bullied, and it just made them feel bad about themselves.
At the start, I thought that cyberbullying was just being mean, and saying bad words to someone over and over again, but now there are different types, and now I know how to help yourself.

Maurice:At the start I thought that cyberbullying is just being mean online, however, now that our research clarified the definition of cyberbullying, I properly know the definition of cyberbullying and what it is and what it isn’t. The action that I took was standing up to cyberbullying whenever I see it and sometimes checking my sibling’s computers to see if the are doing the right thing.

Dylan: My action is to stand up to cyberbullies. I think I have achieved it as I was playing games someone was calling another player names like a noob, ugly etc over and over again. So what I did was I stood up to the cyber bully and told him to stop it and said it wasn’t nice. Then he was being mean to me and I reported him as he was doing something wrong. 

At the start of this unit I was overconfident and wanted to do everything by myself but now I let others have airtime's and not just let myself do everything.

Maya: My action is to talk in assemblies and when I see someone get cyber I will comfort them and give them advice that we gave you and if we see people cyberbullies then we will stop