Tuesday, 26 April 2016

5 Things To Make Searching On The Internet Easier

Finding good meaty information on the internet can be tricky as ads, other random facts, and things that are unnecessary to what you are seeking. So, here are 5 Things To Make Searching On The Internet Easier.

5. Get Adblock
I know this might be something you do but getting ad block is an excellent way to get rid of some ads. Adblock used to be better but at least you can get rid of some of those unneeded ads.

4. Clearly Extension
Clearly is an extension which lets you read the text and gets rid of adverts. Clearly is great as there might be some ads which aren't appropriate, and they are distracting when you are reading.

3. Check When The Text Was Written
Not checking the date can make the work you are reading false. Some articles may even last up to seven years, therefore having a chance that the topic may have changed.

2. Search Engines
Using different search engines can make finding facts easier. If you are looking for kid-friendly information, Kidrex is a great search engine to use as it gives an easier text to read. Kidrex also provides kid-friendly facts and nothing explicit.

1. Advanced Search
Advanced search is a thing on Google where you can:

  • Change which region you want the facts to come from
  • Find sites with specific words
  • The last time the site was updated 
  • Usage rights

Monday, 25 April 2016

Our group Collaboration

I think that our group collaboration is good, because we are able to complete things, such as emails and tasks that our teacher tells us to do. Something we could do to improve our collaboration, is giving each other enough air time, so we don't always listen to someone and agree to everything they say.

Collaborating is important, because exhibition is in a group, not individual, and we need to hear different ideas from people. And if we are not collaborating, and someone in the group is always doing something, it won't be everyone's work, just theirs. Something we had to collaborate to do, is writing emails to our mentor, as they need to be formal, and everyone needs to help, we can help in different ways like writing the email, or checking it.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Learning from the Experts (SAIS & G6)

Today, we went to SAIS (Stamford American International School) and viewed the G5’s Exhibition. Here are some things that I learnt:
  • Most classes/groups use data as evidence
  • They ask lots of questions, and always has a key point
  • They also use actual objects, e.g., dolls, models, etc.

We learnt some valuable information and used that information in our exhibition. Some groups don’t work together that well and argued. However, we work together quite well and that is good.

G6 came to our class and taught us some solutions to things, such as remembering when the deadline is. They also said that we should be responsible and organised. G6 also answered some questions that we asked. We used the information and used it in our Exhibition. We also learnt that we should work together well, or else you won’t achieve your goals.

Learning from the experts

Learning from the experts
Today when we were in class we met some of the Grade 6’s and they told us some information about their learning in the Exhibition. They did the Exhibition last year. I learned that at the beginning of their learning they were not collaborating well, but then they got used to each other and they started collaborating. Recently my group has been collaborating well and I hope it will stay that way.
Today we went to SAIS, (Stamford American International School) to see their Exhibition. They did really  well because they had props and all the things they needed to make the Exhibition really good. We went there because we are going to do our Exhibition soon, so we went to see theirs we learn many things like poverty, student stress and music.
Thing they did I want to remember:
  • Student stress can lead to no focus
  • There is a way to stop people from dying to dirty water

Learning From The Experts

Today was a day where we learn from the experts. At the start of the day we learnt from previous grade fives and they tell us tips and what they learnt from their Grade 5. I enjoyed this talk as they would give us advice for Exhibition and how to make it better and more enjoyable. A piece of advice which I took away was that we need to always work together and not go running off into doing what we want to do. Another expert we learnt from Stamford American International school’s Exhibition. We went to visit them and see what they did for their Exhibition and to see what attracted people and got people intrigued about their exhibit. A group studying Stress relief put a lemongrass scent on the table where they were doing their exhibition which made me relaxed and made me want to find out more about stress relief. Another group didn’t collaborate well so they were disorganised. So what I took away from this experience is that to be organised be prepared and always get things up and running early and not last minute as things can go wrong.

Advice From Grade 6

Today, former students of grade 5 came to visit us for tips about Exhibition and to answer any questions that we had. Some things they told us and I learned from them are, self-managing, and being responsible.They said that both things are good things to do and will make their group successful in Exhibition. Listening to what they tell us, is important, because they can help you, and are most likely going to be right because they have done this before. They know what works and what doesn't.